Guest Activities in Bali

Theatre & Dance Tours

Live Theater and Dance Shows

Their are many wonderful theatre and live shows in Bali. It offers traditional dance performances with amazing local dancers and in colourful elaborate costumes. Set against temple backdrops, well choreographed with matching lighting, visual effects and soundtracks. Local folktales, Hindu stories can be experienced as well as more contemporary shows with trained professional dance troupes performing aerial acrobatics. All of which are family and child friendly suitable for all ages and will give you a better understanding of the background behind the culture and traditions that you will witnesds whilst enjoying your time on the island

Dance and drama, traditional and modern. The many performance shows in Bali are held regularly and we can organise all the tickets transport for you so you can enjoy the drama Bali has to offer without creating drama for yourself.

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Balinese Temple Tours

Experience a Nagisa day trip and Temple Tour package

There are many Hindu temples/ compounds in Bali. There are literally thousands of various sizes temples spread across the Island. Situated in a range of locations from mountains,  clifftops,  hilltops toand all types of agriculutral valley and coastal areas. Bali’s temples are unique in that they often face towards the mountains, the ocean and can be witness often with glorious sunsets or sunrise in the background.

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Watersports Tours

Waterparks, waterslides, flowriders and lazy rivers!

Bali has 5 waterparks each unique in its location and what it has to offer. we offer completely organised day trips to any one. Let us take care of your transport, parking entry tickets and take you to watch a magical sunset at the end of your day at one of the nearby beaches before taking you back to where you are staying. Door to door service so you can enjoy your day stress free.

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Wildlife Tours

Wildlife, Zoos, Birds, Dolphins

Day trips to the many wildlife attractions on offer in Bali

Bali Zoo
Bali Bird Park
Swimming with Dolphins

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Sensual Experience

A journey to pampering your body and soul

Bali is world famus for its Spas - The Balinese traditionally believe that the body is a sacred temple for the soul. They have now created a culture of masage and luxury spa treatments to bring peace to the spirit, calm to the mind and strength and renewed vitality to the body. A Spa treatment in Bali is wonderful experience. Through the traditional techniques and natural ingredients you will definitely wake up your senses and go on a journey of relaxation and wellbeing. Traditional treatments will often incorporate local herbs and oils mixed and infused with natural ingredients for their healing properties. Balinese massage oils are usually made from extracts of ginger (jahe), frangipani (jepun), sandalwood (cendana) and coconut (kelapa). Each of these ingredients have their own uses and special properties that you will discover on a Spa Package in Bali.

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Learning Packages

Learning Experience - Traditional Balinese cooking classes..

Traditional Balinese cooking classes..

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Transportation in Bali - Taking the stress of traffic out of your holiday

We offer many types of transport.

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